IRIS has the largest technical support in the Greek printing market. The technical force consists of 27 highly trained technicians, with higher education degrees for the most part and all the necessary skills such as electronic, electrical, mechanical engineering, plumbing, etc. In addition, IRIS has signed strategic agreements for technical support, training and maintenance services with manufacturers and specialist dealers, where it is necessary, so as to maintain operational reliability for all equipment. 

Furthermore, IRIS has all the necessary technological equipment for maintenance support, such as the BMS system, which monitors and controls, in real time, all the peripheral support equipment for production, thus ensuring the smooth operation of the factory. Additionally, all printing lines are able to connect directly, through a network, with the machine manufacturers, for those cases where the issues necessitate specialized expertise. 

 The maintenance organization has the support of a fully integrated computerized management system for spare parts, routine and proactive maintenance. IRIS regularly performs general inspections and maintenance of lines of printing, in cooperation with manufacturers, in order to ensure the technical quality of work and ensure the maintenance of excellent and smooth operation. 

Finally, it has been deamed necessary, since the establishment of the company, to maintain an organized and complete stock of spare parts. Today IRIS keeps a stock of 5,000 codes of spare machine parts, tools necessary to fully ensure the smooth operation of printing machines and meeting the commitment made to its customers.