IRIS imports, stores and manages paper for its printing activities, while also being the biggest importer of paper in Greece, and accordingly has the unique advantage of providing its customers with a wide variety of choices. This fact gives the company the advantage of providing effective and completed solutions in every case. 

 Aiming at variety, economy and the best choice possibilities, IRIS offers customers many different paper types, so that they can select the one that entirely satisfies their requirements. IRIS imports paper of high quality from the biggest factories in Europe, Canada and Russia. 

 Since 2009 a Bar Code Scanning system has been installed and functioning for the tracking of all types of paper, from any origin. This system (PSS), identifies and stores each paper role that is received and then is able to track it anywhere in the storage facility until it is used for printing. 

Moreover, its paper storage facilities are always stocked with high reserves of all types of required paper and thus, can cover possible customer needs continuously.