The Paper Department supplies IRIS with the appropriate paper for each project. To achieve this goal the department imports supploes from the international paper market (Canada, Scandinavia, Central Europe, etc.), almost all grades of publication paper for projects such as newspapers, magazines, advertising and books, for flat and rolling presses, in various weights and dimensions. 

The orders are usually transported by sea in containers, arriving at the port of Piraeus, received and stored in special storage facilities of IRIS. 

 The company has two sealed storage facilities with humidity and temperature control in Koropi and auxiliary storage in Oinofyta, covering a total of 15.000sqm. These facilities maintain stocks of about 18,000 tons of paper of different codes, which correspond to the needs of about 2 months.

IRIS considers it an obligation to maintain such high reserves, so as to meet its secure service policy for 100% of its projects, in all cases (strikes, accidents, natural phe omena, etc.) because of the large delivery times and because of the "dividing" distance that Greece has from the paper-suppliers.