Recently, IRIS S.A. started the company IRIS PACKAGING S.A with IRIS and and D.NASOPOULOS holding 51% and 49% ownership, respectively.

IRIS PACKAGING S.A. is involved in packaging newspapers together with other media, free gifts, DVDs, CDs, large objects etc. 

ΙRIS also collaborates with the two largest companies in the field, namely D. NASOPOULOS – G. GOGOS S.A. and GENERAL PACK A.Β.E. 

Their enormous productive capacity, their long-term experience, in combination with their long-lasting collaboration with IRIS, as well as the coordinative supervision of our company`s production management section, ensure that customers enjoy speed, economy and a large selection of proposals and solutions aiming at the best possible completion of the production process. 

The two aforementioned collaborating companies are situated at a distance of 500m from the IRIS factory, a convenient arrangement that makes the time gaps between production stages negligible.