IRIS possesses six cylindrical advanced technology presses with newspaper production capabilities of up to 80 p. tabloid, of which 48 are 4-colour process and 32 black and white. Moreover, these presses have on-line pin binding capabilities. All presses have dryers of hot air and provide the possibility of 16 4-colour pages being printed the same as magazines (HeatSet). If it is required, a single newspaper production can output up to 160 pages, of which 96 are 4-colour process. A point worth mentioning is that these specific presses print, alongside newspapers, a large number of magazines, advertising leaflets and books. IRIS prints on-site roughly 75 newspapers, of which:

  • 13 daily
  • 10 semiweekly
  • 23 weekly
  • 29 newspapers of variable periodicity

An indicative list of newspapers that are printed on-site by IRIS consists of:
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