The main objective of the IT department is to ensure continuity of management and production, refining, anticipating and protecting the data from any problems that may occur, on a 24-hour basis. 

The staff of the department consists of experienced executives and continuously trained personnel with experience in computer systems and systems management. 

The information technology sector of the company follows international standards and modern technology directions. Every three years an overall upgrading of systems is employed to ensure the continual functionality of the IT services segment, even in the most difficult circumstances. Technologies such as internal fiber optic cabling, ESX servers, Veritas Netbackup, system clustering, and NMS, are only some examples that are already fully exploited by IRIS. 

The IT department offers flexible and secure communications over the Internet, while an opportunity for direct leased line connections is provided. Customers have the ability to send the print files electronically and to see the final printing setup through the department`s browser, taking advantage of the extra features and management of their print, which the communication portal provides. Ensuring all the above, coupled with continuous online contact, secured by primary and secondary access to the Internet via fiber-optic links, the IT department provides the best possible services to the company and its customers.

Finally, IRIS is based upon and operates the world renound SAP business process management platform. In particular, the processes that are managed by SAP are: Financial Management, Audit Management, Materials Management, Sales & Distribution, Production Planning, Project Management, Facility Maintenance, Quality Control and Management of Human Resources. This way IRIS achieves sound internal organization that helps with the timely and accurate completion of procedures, having always as main concern the satisfaction of its customers.