IRIS prints on-site the leading newspapers and magazines in circulation, in Greece, while also collaborating with customers abroad. In addition, IRIS exclusively prints all media of the two biggest editorial groups of Greece, LAMBRAKIS PRESS SA and PEGASUS PUBLISHING SA, and also covers a large section of other media, equally important to the company, originating from clients that entrust IRIS for its long-term experience, the quality it offers and its professional and customer-friendly attitude. 

The production line of IRIS is completely integrated and offers solutions to customers at all stages of production and for all types of printed product. 

Customers are served in each stage of production immediately and effectively, all the way from receipt of the media in electronic form, up to delivery of the printed product. The size of IRIS, in combination with its organization and its flexibility, allows the company to undertake all types of printing work, independent of size, always making the client`s interests, needs and requirements a first priority. 

The main service categories that IRIS offers include: 

  • Printing Portal
  • Printing
  • Binding 
  • Inlaying
  • Packaging
  • Transit
  • Paper Supply