The company base and central installations are situated in Koropi Attica, on 62.000sqm of owned property, while in Inofita Viotia contains an additional 5.000sqm of paper storage spaces.
In Koropi the accommodated spaces amount to 38.000sqm and include:
  • the printing installations for newspapers, magazines, advertising leaflets, books etc,
  • part of the paper storage areas,
  • the technical support dept,
  • the newspaper inlaying and shipping facilities,
  • the auxiliary material storage areas, and
  • the administration offices. 
Some of the “concealed” details that contribute to the unique profile of IRIS in terms of installations are:
  •  the ultramodern systems of fire safety and firefighting
  • the air conditioning in the all production areas
  • the modern sound-proofed control room
  • the continuously evolving BMS
  • the environmental protection systems
  • 6.000 kW generator pairs