In a short period of time IRIS PRINTINGS SA has managed to reform the narrow standards of Greek typography, to open important new paths in what is referred to as “communication print” and to possess today a leading place among the printing units of Greece and South-eastern Europe.

The most important historical time points in the course of IRIS PRINTING SA, from its founding up to today, are:

1991: The company is founded as a small printing unit in the Metamorphosis Attica.
1998: LAMBRAKIS PRESS SA buys off the 100% of the company, who undertakes the printing activities of LAMBRAKIS PRESS.
1999: The separated printing branch of mother company LAMBRAKIS PRESS SA is incorporated into IRIS PRINTING SA, and in doing so merges its personnel, know-how and experience. At the same time the construction of new printing unit “TSEFLIKI” begins in Inofita, in Viotia.
2000: PEGASUS PUBLISHING SA acquires, via increase of participial capital, 30% OF IRIS PRINTING SA. The capable and experienced executives from PEGASUS PUBLISHING SA are added to the high-quality personnel of IRIS. During the same period the construction of the new printing unit in Koropi Attica begins, within the boundaries of the strategic collaboration of the two biggest editorial groups in Greece.
2003: ORAPRESS SA is bought over by IRIS and the two companies merge
2006: PEGASUS PUBLISHING SA acquires, with transfer from LAMBRAKIS PRESS SA, an additional 20% of IRIS PRINTING SA. After the completion of the transfer LAMBRAKIS PRESS and PEGASUS PUBLISHING SA possess 50% of IRIS each.
2008: The transfer of all activities of the printing unit “TSEFLIKI” in Inofita to the ultramodern factory of Koropi is completed.
2010: In November 2010 IRIS acquired 51% of Ν. LIAPIS BINDING SA from PEGASUS PUBLISHING SA.
2011: In January 2011 IRIS created the company IRIS PACKAGING SA. with 51% of IRIS and 49% of D. NASOPOULOU.
2019: NIKI EKDOTIKI SA acquired 50% of the company IRIS PRINTING SA.