Based on the experienced executives and the modern computer support, the Financial Department ensures that the essential resources are available for the financing of both the necessary modernization of mechanical equipment, and the company’s working capital. It actively keeps track of the company’s modus operand, aiming at the safe and effective exploitation of its financial capabilities. 

The main activities of the Financial Department are: 

  • analysis of company results, 
  • creation of balance-sheets, 
  • management of banks, 
  • briefing the Administration with regard to the course of the company, 
  • budgetary and balance sheet processes, 
  • the creation and revision of the budget. 
The Payroll Section also belongs to the Financial Department, and is in charge of publishing the personnel monthly payroll.

Finally, an important activity of the Financial Department is invoicing and deals with the invoicing of the services that IRIS offers, and the management of the company requirements.