This section`s role is both the receipt of digital files from customers, and to meet the printing requirements of IRIS and the supply of printing machines with audited quality printing plates on time. 

Customer Support 

The department is composed of specialized staff that provides expertise, where available, to provide every possible assistance to customers in terms of DTP programs use and printing in general. The customer support department is divided into two areas: the newspaper and semi-commercial publications section and the magazine and commercial publications section.

Both section have the same basic structure of production, while the staff are united and serve both areas depending on production needs

Production Safety, scalability, connectivity 

 While production is divided into two areas with different systems, the department is structured so that each sector can operate continuously in emergency-harm, with 50% of the mechanical equipment. Nevertheless, the magazines and commercial publications section is capable of covering part or all of the production of the newspaper and semi-commercial publications section, in case of emergency.

All systems are structured so that at any time more computing power is required, this is easily feasible. It is equally important that the systems of the department can connect with customers via any offered telecommunications technology.