PRINTING PORTAL (the interactive gateway)

Web Approval has been used by IRIS since 2003 and is operational 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. 

The interactive gateway can serve customers equally efficiently whether they are in Greece or abroad, albeit there are means for on-line collaboration (Internet connection). 

Web Approval is the ideal online tool for:

  • Newspaper, magazine, book Editors etc.
  • Advertising companies, creative offices and workshops.
  • Various companies that publish booklets, informative bulletins etc. 

The main advantages of the Web Approval service are:

  • Easy file uploading whether that is through a web browser interface or through FTP. 
  • Direct briefing via reports that contain the results of controls that are carried out for each page of a project. These controls are exclusively technical and concern the printing process. This way customer-users can identify any of their possible technical errors, thus saving time and money, before the printing process begins. 
  • Time efficiency, since access for approval or rejection of files that are on-track for printing is made available to all members involved in the production process, such as the authors, the production team, and even the customer himself.